We are joined by Chris Gilliard, Professor of English at Macomb Community College. His scholarship concentrates on privacy, institutional tech policy, digital redlining, and the re-inventions of discriminatory practices through data mining and algorithmic decision-making, especially as these apply to college students. He is currently developing a project that looks at how popular misunderstandings of mathematical concepts create the illusions of fairness and objectivity in student analytics, predictive policing, and hiring practices. Follow him on Twitter at @hypervisible.

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  1. […] Every day large data sets are impacting our world in increasing profound and potentially damaging ways. Combined with machine learning and AI, computers are yielding even more power to companies, political parties, and web savvy individuals. For instance, the science of gerrymandering is reaching unseen precision, face recognition is becoming commonplace, and we are willingly helping companies gain more of this power. Where do we even start to address these issues? On a personal level, we can follow safer social media practices and approach media and information from a more critical standpoint. More importantly, we can bring attention to the increasing surveillance in our world and engage our students in conversations about surveillance capitalism, digital redlining, and everyday media interactions. […]

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