Monthly archive: November 29, 2017

004 – The End of Time (the Magazine)

Listen to the episode on iTunes Adam and Ralph discuss the recent purchase of Time Inc., Project Veritas, and Matt Lauer. At 24:27, they are joined by Yvette Walker, OU Assistant Dean of Students Affairs for the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, to discuss the New York Times “Nazi Next Door” article and […]

003 – Charlie Rose, Charles Manson, and Net Neutrality

In this episode, Adam and Ralph discuss two newsworthy men named Charles as well as the upcoming vote on net neutrality from the FCC. Show Notes Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping and lewd calls (Washington Post) 6 Songs Written by Charles Manson That Super Famous Bands Covered ( […]

002 – James Bond and Wonder Woman

On this episode, Adam and Ralph have their first guest, Dr. Lisa Funnell. Dr. Funnell’s research explores the performance and intersection of identities—specifically gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and ethnicity—in Hong Kong martial arts films, Hollywood blockbusters, and the James Bond franchise. We recognize we should have held out this discussion for episode 007, but we […]

001 – The First Amendment, LA Times and Disney, and Harvey Weinstein

In this episode, Adam and Ralph discuss the news’ news of the week including Tim Wu’s latest New York Times opinion piece, Disney’s ban and subsequent retraction on the LA Times, and The New Yorker’s story on how Harvey Weinstein hired private investigators to track women and journalists. Show Notes How Twitter Killed the First […]